Top Tips for New Entrepreneurs

jay gotraVision – This is critical. Even if you don’t have a completely planned out or crystal clear image of what it is you intend to provide for your clients, you must have vision. Vision always you to dream big and motivates you to continue. Make sure you have clarity about the heart of what you are trying to accomplish.

Passion – In the beginning, passion is your fuel. You need to believe in the work that you’re doing, and throw yourself completely into it. Without passion there is no motivation.

Energy – Starting your own business or creating a new venture is a full-time commitment. It is extremely demanding and will require every last bit of your energy.

Determination – In the beginning, it may feel like you are constantly moving uphill. However, if you believe in what you are doing, make that commitment to yourself and your work and refuse to give up.

Set Goals – Constantly ask yourself,  what are you doing today to make things happen? Make sure that you set small daily goals and exercise persistence in finding ways to achieve them! Long-term goal-setting is also critical, but make sure that you are breaking these goals down into smaller achievable goals by month, by week, by day – even by hour. If you are more realistic about the amount of energy that each step takes, you are less likely to get frustrated or feel that your goals are out of reach.

Take risks – If you live life always afraid of failing (whether it’s in your personal life or in a business setting) you will never become successful! Everything I have is due to risks that I took. Yes I failed more than I succeeded but that didn’t stop me from trying harder. I just didn’t want to be defined by my failures! There is nothing wrong with failing as long as you went into the situation with a good reason, and you learned from the experience.


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