Jay Gotra


An Entrepreneur operating out of East Greenwich, RI.


About Jay

Jay Gotra is the CEO and founder of the ever-growing home security solutions firm Alliance Security based in Warwick, Rhode Island. Jay has always expressed an entrepreneurial spirit, and growing up in Mumbai, India, Jasjit Gotra had his first real job at the age of 14. By the time he was 15, Jay was running his dad’s convenience store and helping his uncle with his car dealership by both selling and detailing cars. Jay has always been around business men and understood the basic principles of being a business owner. Jay witnessed businesses flourish and also fail because of how the owners chose to operate their companies. This exposure to real life experience from an early age sets him apart from other business owners and CEOs as he received the foundation of his training through more than just the pages of a book. Instead, Jay continues to apply what he has learned through reading about entrepreneurship and the many lessons he learned through experience to running his own business

While Jay was enrolled at UMass Dartmouth, he quickly realized that he wanted to take some concrete steps towards adult independence. So, he moved out of his parents’ home and found a part-time job. Though the security company where he worked was small, it kept Jay busy when he wasn’t in class or studying, and it ignited in Jay something that would become a lifelong passion. Jay soon realized that not only did he enjoy selling and installing home security systems, but he felt inspired by the fact that the product and services that he was providing helped people. After only 15 months, Jay’s superiors took notice of his work ethic and dedication to his job and invited him to work for the company full-time. He was also offered partial ownership as an incentive to continue working there. Jay realized that this type of commitment would require his full attention, so he put school on hold and learned everything he could about the home security industry and carefully observed all that went into running a successful company in this field.

Jay feels forever indebted to this security company where he cut his teeth in the industry.  However, to this day Jay lives by the mantra, “If I’m not growing, I’m dying”, and by 2003 Jay felt had learned all that he could working for someone else. It was time to transition to the next phase of his career which meant starting a business of his own. Soon after Jay quit his long-time job, he started a small home security solutions company from a spare bedroom of his apartment with just 2 employees. Now, just over 11  years later, Alliance Security has grown to about 700 employees and will have made approximately $115 million in sales for next year. Furthermore, Alliance consistently ranks as one of the largest job providers in Rhode Island and one of the fastest growing automated home security solutions companies in the country.

Jay Gotra Defines Alliance’s Success:

While Jay certainly appreciates the attention for the success of his business, he consistently attributes his success to 2 factors. The root of this success is the quality of the products and services offered by Alliance. Jay has committed himself and his company to adopt the best technology currently available for their home solutions. Alliance thinks critically about the best way they can serve their clients in terms of the technology, as well as how Alliance services support it. In addition to Jay’s focus on the quality of his products and services, Jay focuses a great deal of his energy  on his employees. He values building a business that cares for its employees. Jay strives to maintain a culture of excellence by focusing on the strengths of Alliance’s employees and creating a positive environment that encourages inquiry. Furthermore, Jay believes it is his job to accept responsibility when things go wrong, but to give credit to the employees when things go right. He feels that the loyalty and drive engendered by the employees due to the company culture is what initially set Alliance apart from other small businesses, and continues to set them apart as a larger entity today.  He believes this also lends explanation to the tremendous success of the company.